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We strive not only to better one's self but to spread a positive essence into the world around us. A portion of all proceeds will go to benefit Tao Dojang, "The School Of The Way". Your contribution will help Baltimore youth achieve their goals and improve their lives.

About the School

The Tao Dojang "The School of the Way" is a first of its kind "MMA," or Mentoring and Martial Arts program, for young people 13 years of age and up. The school is free to students and the Black Belt Teachers/Mentors who operate the school volunteer their time, teaching the martial arts to young students and helping these same students develop and implement a Life Plan.

Our students can choose from a variety of styles of martial arts and earn their belts through the patient practice of their chosen art and through achieving milestones in their Life Plan. In exchange for the knowledge of the martial arts they receive and the mentorship they are given, our students give service to the communities in which they live.

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